“Where there is a will there is a way”


We enjoy what we do, and that distinguishes us from most. With our responsibility and human approach, we work very closely with our customers to assure all of their needs and wants are meet.


We try to stay up to date on the most advanced technical solutions.

The projects we have done so far meet all Slovak standards.

Challenges and Visions

Every new project is a challenge for us. We believe that the direction our company has chosen will lead to a long and beautiful future. Building a company with honest access from the ground up is difficult, but not impossible. Words we do not know are, I do not want, We can not, they are strangers.

Our Services

Our Services


Our main activity is the construction of buildings and associated facilities, such as reinforced surfaces, fences, terraces, but also irrigation systems, landscaping, etc.

Advisory activity

At the very beginning, in the first place, even when one is thinking about if to, what and how, it is good to have someone who helps him decide. That’s what we can do to help you.


Planning and subsequent planning is an inherent part of the building activity.


Quality conversions are required for quality projects.


Need help buying or selling real estate? We work with top realtors.

By numbers

By numbers

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Passive and zero-energy houses

The issue of global warming, which can not be denied by any logical and sound judgment, has touched us more and more in the last decade. Fearing that everything is fine is naive and cowardly.
This is one of many things that affect people in their thinking. It affects them - us so much that we are beginning to think about the consequences that they have warned us about.
The global warming problem has been reflected in changes and adjustments to laws and construction.

Did you know that:
- The EU passed a law in 2010 that clearly defines the energy performance of buildings.

- From 2020 all new buildings (including family houses) will have to meet the strictest standards.

- These standards in practice mean that what we today call a passive house will be a completely normal house in 2020.

The difference between passive and zero-energy houses in terms of energy efficiency is minimal. The difference is that the passive house is still dependent on energy suppliers. (Gas, electricity)
The zero house is self-sufficient. The gas is not needed, and it produces electricity itself, from renewable sources like sun, wind and water.

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