Why do people struggle deciding to build passive homes or not?
The answer is simple – they think they are considerably more expensive. THIS IS NOT TRUE.
At first, we felt the same. After studying, we have come to the conclusion that this is not true. Yes, they are more expensive than classical houses, but really it is only about 5,000 more Euros for a 100,000 Euro home.

– when I know my monthly energy costs will be 50 Euros

– when I know that the summer temperature in the house does not exceed 26 degrees even after 2 weeks of constant “baking” in the sun
Only one advantage is the benefit and the disadvantage.
How is it possible ?
Simple. There are many examples and this is the simplest. I have to give up something, sacrifice something, and I can afford something else. I will not turn the gas into the house, give up the chimney and hence the fireplace. I will not build a villa but a house of a simpler shape. I do not use materials to build a “bunker” but to build a house etc, etc. Instead, I do the air recuperation in the house, I will use better insulation, better windows, ventilation of the house, etc.